This is a heavy duty cutting edge to replace the edge used on John Deere 54” snow plows. It’s made of 3/8” x 2”” carbon steel and has a hard faced cutting edge for superior wear resistance. The extra steel in this blade helps stabilize the plow by reducing bounce. The hard facing used is specified for its abrasion resistance.

The hard facing used is 35% of a primary alloy of chromium carbides and secondary of molybdenum and tungsten carbides in an austenitic matrix. The chrome, moly, tungsten carbides provide very high abrasion resistance and the austenite provides high heat resistance. This combination makes for a hard face bead on the edge which is very long wearing and very stable.

Our unique process allows the hard facing to be applied to the entire bottom edge. This is the most durable cutting blade available for the John Deere 54” snowplow. Remember if your cutting edge is machinable with tools it will be machined away by the ground. Our hard facing is not machinable.

This blade is designed to be used directly on the ground without using the shoes. No more adjusting the shoes to get a close plow. Put this right on the ground and scrape off that snow and ice.

Think of it like the carbides on your snowmobile. Good carbides last a long time. These do too.